Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shop Til You Drop! Math

Who doesn't love to shop? Make math fun with a pretend shopping spree! Kids win a pretend lottery. Then, they use their math skills to buy items of their choice.

1. First, make lottery scratch off tickets for each student (see recipe below). They all win! Underneath the scratch off, award them with a certain amount of money. (Younger kids- $100, older kids- $1,000)

2. Art - Give kids an index card to decorate to look like a pretend credit card. (This could be optional, just to add a little role play).

3. Pass out magazines (toy, clothing, etc.) or set up a store with prices. Kids choose what they want to buy.

4. Younger kids simply add up their items and stay within their budget. You could have them find the exact price or round up the prices of their products.

For older kids, have them buy more than one of each item. For example, Converse sneakers in three different colors. Older kids multiply to find the price of multiple items.

5. Kids record their product item and price on their spending spree sheet.

Recipe for DIY scratch off tickets:
Make a ticket with a prize on card stock. Cover the price area with a piece of contact paper. Then, mix acrylic paint with a squirt of dish washing liquid. Paint over the contact paper. Let dry, and they're ready to go!

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