Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nature Exchange

The Magnifying Glass set up different regions to exchange items in nature. Although the activity is over, it doesn't mean you still can't do it!

For a geography lesson, have your class team up with another school from a far away state. Collect different items you find in the environment where you live. With the items you collect, include a list of the name of each item. Then, mail the box to who you're corresponding with. In return, they will mail one back to you. Kids will get to see nature from different geographical locations.

Examples of items to send: bird feathers, pine cones, seed pods, pressed flowers, sea shells (if you live by the beach). Anything you find in nature! Check out the awesome box made by Mama Scouts below! Visit her blog to see how their nature box exchange turned out!

nature box example via mama scouts

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