Sunday, January 15, 2012

Density Towers

Explore solids and liquids with the classic density tower. After discovering the density of liquids, kids can test how dense certain solids are. Which solids sink? Which ones float? Click here for the explanation. If you want to make a smaller tower, you can experiment with the 7-layer density column here. You can adjust the colors of your 7-layer density column and make a rainbow tower! 

You can also integrate math with this activity and practice fractions!

For younger kids, you can concoct Science Bob's drinkable density juice tower! Yum! Visit his site for the full tutorial!


  1. where can i get lamp oil

  2. Wow... looks amazing. Thanks for this chemistry video

  3. Do you have to clean the Baster after each liquid??

  4. Do I have to clean Baster after each liquid?