Monday, May 5, 2014

Jasper Johns Math / Art

What's Your Equation? (Painting - Numbers in Color)
This lesson is inspired by Art in the Big Green Room.
Students choose 4 meaningful numbers to them. Ex: age, people in their family, pets, etc.
They create a grid with their numbers in the center of each square.
Then, they create a math equation (using their 4 numbers) and solve it.
They hand off their design and magic number (solution) to a peer.
Can their peer figure out their equation?!

Make Ten (Painting 0-9)
This lesson comes from MC2 (Feel the Energy).
Students overlap 3 numbers (outline only). The three numbers must add up to 10.
They color in their design.
Then, they hand it off to a peer.
Can their peer figure out the three numbers used to make ten?!

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