Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Octopus Math

Integrate math, art and science all in one craft! Kids create an octopus, while exploring division, fractions, and multiplication! First, they divide a piece of construction paper in half. Next, they use a ruler and draw lines (on half the sheet) to create eight rectangles for the arms (see image). They cut along the lines they drew, stopping at the halfway mark. Then, they curve the paper and staple. Once stapled, they bend the arms, so the octopus can sit up. 

After they created their octopus shape, they flip it over. They stick round reinforcement labels (white circle stickers with a hole in the center) on the back of its arms and create suction cup arrays! (see image) Then, they figure out the multiplication equation for their octopus.

Science - This craft can be used for an animal adaptation unit. Kids learn that octopi have arms (not legs). The suction cups on their arms help them grasp their prey, move along rocks, and taste things! Also, their stomach is on top of their head! Their mouth is a hard beak (don't let children draw a happy face on their octopus - the beak is underneath!)

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