Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kid Cryptozoology

finding bigfoot photo credit: webtvwire
Height: 6–10 feet tall
Average Footprint Info
Footprint Length: 16  inches
Footprint Width: 7 inches 
Heel width: 5 inches
Ball width: 7 inches

First, have kids estimate Bigfoot's measurements (height and footprint)
Then, map out his true measurements and compare them to your own!
Graphing - Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Sites to check out:
Bigfoot from a Physics Point of View - Compares dimensions to a human
BFRO Scaling and Statistics and Bigfoot Biology

Collaborate and create a true to scale footprint out of model magic!

Have kids collaborate and write a newscast that documents sightings! 

Split kids up into teams and have them construct a Bigfoot Trap!

What does Bigfoot's habitat look like (describe / draw)? Animal Adaptations - Why is Bigfoot so big (and hairy)?

Mark off sightings on a map. 

Create a video, check out this awesome video by a group of kids in Kansas! Then, view Part II!
Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet

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