Monday, May 28, 2012

Imaginary Country

Use your creativity to create your very own imaginary country, where kids make the rules! What's the weather like? What is the native tongue? What do citizens have for dinner? What do residents do in their free time? What's the hot tourist attraction?

Name it, draw it, and rule it! 
Below is a list of things to include in your geography project:
1. Come up with a snazzy name for your country and a strange shape.
2. Where is it located?
3. What's the physical geography like? (mountain, canyon, river)
4. Are there any bodies of water around it or is it landlocked?
5. Climate and Vegetation (hot, cold / desert, rainforest, etc.)
6. What's the major city or hot attraction (landmark)?
7. What kind of animals can you find there?
8. Natural resources (gold?!)
9. Imports / Exports
10. Population
11. Cultural traits - work, food, language
12. Religion
13. Social Structure
14. Economic System (Do people use money? If so, design it!)
15. Political System (President or King?)
16. Make a map of your country.
17. Design a flag.

Visit Teachers.Net for examples of some of the items listed above.
View kid-made countries over at Heathwood

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